At Willow Youth, we provide the care that our clients need, which includes:

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

The purpose of the initial visit is to clarify diagnoses and formulate a treatment plan. All pertinent medical and mental health records are reviewed and you will meet face to face with the physician, typically both child and family together as well as some time with the child alone.

Medication Management

If medication is a part of your treatment plan you will have regular appointments with your provider to monitor your response to medications, check for side effects, and for ongoing evaluation of your treatment needs.

Psychological Testing

This is a process that combines the administration of standardized tests that objectively measure behavior, interviews, and observation that can help clarify diagnoses and provide more detailed information regarding specific areas of functioning.


Often referred to as “talk therapy” our counseling, psychotherapy is a structured process of talking with a trained mental health professional in order to meet certain goals. These goals can vary widely and are individually set by each patient and/or family. Some common goals include developing coping skills, understanding patterns in both thinking and behavior that negatively affect your life, improving communication skills and helping families have more positive interactions.

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911